Looking for resources for your iPad aligned to the administrative duties you are required to perform each day?  Below are several resources to help you realize the full potential of your iPad and the many ways you can use it in your day-to-day duties.



One of the many responsibilities of administrators is to record/document the many different interactions that happen throughout the day. Below is a list of some of the more popular apps being used to collect information on the iPad.

Notes – The app that comes with the iPad.  This is a basic app you can type in, create new documents and export via a printer or email.  Nothing special, but does the trick if you are looking for a straight word processor app without the frills.

PaperDesk – A word processor with more frills.  The app was designed to mimic a simple pad of paper, allowing you to enter text via the keyboard or via a stylus or your finger.  You can add other resources such as picture or audio clip.  Change pen colors and sizes to tweak your sketches.  Once you have finished your document there are plenty of ways to share it with others.  You can print, send via email, share to Google Docs, and even tweet it out to your friends.

Sundry Notes – Similar to PaperDesk with many of the same functions.  They have included animport function that lets you bring documents from many different sources.  It also has a collaborate feature that gives you an opportunity to work on a document with colleagues on the same wireless network.

Simplenote – This app falls into the same category as Notes; simple but functional.  It is a basic document creation app with no frills.  You are able to type and print or email once your document is complete. 

Note Taker HD – This app is packed with features giving you the ability to use it as ifit were a full word processor.  This has all of the features of the previously mentioned apps, along with many output options.  If you are looking for an app that does it all in one, this is what you are looking for.

iStudious – This note taking app is much more than just a notepad for jotting down your thoughts.  Once you have taken your notes, you can convert them to flash cards and then quiz yourself so you are ready for the test.  Text entry can be via the keyboard or stylus/finger.  

Penultimate – This app falls into the drawing category, with its sketchbook like look and feel.Users can sketch away, write in their thoughts and can even capture pictures via the camera or gallery, which gives them the ability to annotate images.   Once you are done you can send off your notebook via email.


Are you looking for some extra bling for your iPad?  Here are my top picks for accessories to extend the functionality of your device

Sylus - If you are tired of trying to accurately draw or sketch with your finger or you are looking for a better way to navigate the iPad interface then the stylus is for you.  It comes in many different shapes and sizes and can be found at your local electronic store or online.  It is just like you are using a pen.

Bluetooth Keyboard - Looking for a different way to enter text into your iPad?  The Applebluetooth keyboard is the way to go.  You can sit back and type away with this cordless device.  It is especially useful if you have a lot of text to enter.

Projector Adapters - There are many different adapters that you can buy to tether your iPad to a projector.  This is especially useful with the iPad2 that allows video mirroring.  By tethering the iPad to a projector we can now share with our audience the contents of our screen.

Apple TV - This is by far the best iCool extra!  Apple TV allows you to share content betweenyour iDevices via a wireless signal.  Want to project your iPad, iPhone, iPod onto a larger screen?  No problem, just turn on mirroring on your iDevice and you are ready to go.  You can also share itunes libraries and play off of your projector or TV.  



A list of other sites where you can find tons of resources on the iPad

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Summer 2012 Professional Development Opportunites...
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