The Montana Association of Geographic Information Professionals (MAGIP) is announcing a request for proposals for a $1,000 grant to support the development and use of geospatial technologies in the K-12 classroom to include curriculum development, training, and equipment that will enhance geospatial instruction. This grant has historically been awarded exclusively for the development of curricula to bring Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into the classroom. However, in light of the successful projects we have sponsored in the past, MAGIP has expanded the range of qualified grant uses to encourage further integration of GIS in the K-12 classroom. 
Call for proposals is due March 26, 2012. The grant will be awarded on a competitive basis by the Board of Directors of MAGIP. One of the primary missions of MAGIP is geospatial education, and the Association represents GIS professionals throughout Montana. Every other year MAGIP hosts the Intermountain GIS Conference, which attracts over 400 professionals. 
More information is available on the Education Committee page of the MAGIP website:
Click here to download the application.

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Summer 2012 Professional Development Opportunites...

Summer 2012 Professional Development Opportunites...
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