Are you looking for a summer workshop that will change the way you teach?  Are you hoping to do more with technology in your classroom but don't know how?  Well this is the workshop for you.  Come and experience the power of Google Earth and how it can be used across the curriculum to transform your teaching practice and in turn empower your students to learn about their natural world.

This two day hands-on workshop will cover the basic functions of Google Earth, including navigation skills, feature analysis, creating data, and organizing and sharing data.  We will also work with GPS receivers, collecting data and importing that data into Google Earth.  Participants will have an opportunity to explore lessons created by teachers that integrate Google Earth.  Each participant will create their own Google Earth tour they can take back and use in their classrooms.  

If you are looking for a fun and  interactive professional development experience this summer then this is the workshop for you.  Click on the link below to register for the workshop. You can choose between Missoula (July 14th and 15th) or Bozeman (July 25th and 26th).  Each workshop can be taken for 1 graduate credit ($150 fee) or 16 OPI renewal units.

Click here to register

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Summer 2012 Professional Development Opportunites...

Summer 2012 Professional Development Opportunites...
Sign up for one of our summer workshops. Each class is two days of hands-on exploration. One optional graduate credit or 16 OPI renewal units available. Click the link below to register.
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