Planet Action: Imagery & GIS Grants to support local projects affected by climate
Planet Action grants SPOT Imagery <>  of all types to projects working on locally based conservation issues about or affected by climate change. This can include socially-defined issues and a broad range of conservation projects from any or all of the 5 planet action program domains:
  • vegetation, biodiversity & ecosystems
  • human dimension & habitation
  • drought
  • desertification
  • water resources,oceans, ice & snow cover
To get started, first visit the Planet Action website <>  and any of the background links below to read more about the program and projects funded, and have a look at the project reports. The available imagery includes anything from the SPOT Program's last 2 decades including the current 2.5 meter color imagery from SPOT 5. SPOT imagery is unique in combining a 20 year history of consistent, comparable imagery archives with state-of-the art high resolution modern imagery covering most of the globe. Projects in rural and wilderness areas, where most of the world's conservation projects occur, typically find that SPOT imagery is the best and often only available for your area. In addition, Planet Action may even provide "custom tasking" to acquire imagery where none currently exists. You can browse their complete collection at the SIRIUS web site <> .
You can apply for a Planet Action grant 2 ways, depending on your preference. SPOT Image has a grant proposal process that begins at their website <> , or you can apply through the existing ESRI Conservation Program email route, by sending a blank email to or visiting You'll need to complete the basic information section then the specific "Planet Action"
section, and you'll need to include a short proposal (see further instructions below) If your proposal is approved, you will have to prepare an MHT file of your requested images (see below), and you'll have to download and agree to the SPOT user license (below). richly illustrated with photos and example maps, and listing in text form the SPOT imagery you need.
Grant Application Resources:
How to prepare an MHT image request list <
Planet Action Resources :
Arcnews Article on Climate Change and GIS <
ESRI Home <

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Summer 2012 Professional Development Opportunites...
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