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  General Questions

What is GTEC?

  GTEC is a project focused on the implementation of geospatial technologies into 5-12 classrooms. The official title of the grant is “Science goes Spatial: Geotechnologies in the Classroom. The project is sponsored by the Toyota USA foundation.

  GIS Questions

How do I get a copy of ArcGIS?

  In 2001 the NASA EOS Education Project purchased a state-wide site license, which entitles all K-12 public schools in Montana to a copy of the software. This copy can be placed on any or all computers in the school building for which the license is granted. For more information about the state-wide license contact us.

  GPS Questions

How do I get GPS points into ArcGIS?

  There is a simple little program that serves as an addon for ArcGIS called GPSi. This program gives users the ability to download and upload GPS points and tracks. To learn more click here

  Remote Sensing Questions

I am looking for some high resolution imagery of Montana, where can I go to find some?

  The state of Montana has a site dedicated to the dissemination of geospatial data. The state, along with other agencies, purchased 1 meter pixel resolution imagery for the entire state. Click on the link below to search for the image of your choice.

1 meter pixel resolution imagery for Montana

  Geospatial Competition Questions

How do I sign up my students for the geospatial competition?

  At this time we have not set dates for the geospatial competition. Please check back in the fall for more information.

  Geospatial Careers Questions

Looking for information on geospatial careers?

  Click below to learn more about people pursuing careers in the geospatial industry.

Geospatial Careers