Research Resources : Library of Google Earth Files



These data represent black bear species distribution. At their most detailed, they depict species occurrence at a one square mile Section level. 

Black Bear Distribution Download





These data represent the Montana Indian Reservations digitized from 1:250,000 scale USGS maps.

Montana Indian Reservations Download





Major land uses in Montana from the National Atlas of the United States, (1970) for the purpose of displaying and analyzing small-scale land use patterns.

Montana Land Use Download




Steams and lakes selected from 1:100,000 scale US Census Bureau TIGER files. Selected to approximately match data shown in USGS 1:2,000,000 scale DLG files. Names are mostly from TIGER, also from Montana DOT county maps and USGS quads.

Montana Lakes and Streams Download



Mine locations from the U.S. Bureau of Mines Mineral Information Location System (MILS) database.  

Montana Mine Locations Download




This map layer represents limiting factors for elk in the state of Montana.  Issues which presently or in the  near term (3-5 years) may effect elk habitat and elk management at landscape and/or herd unit levels.

Crucial Elk Habitat Download




 This map layer represents four glaciers of Glacier National Park and how they have changed over time.  This dataset extends from 1850 to 1993.

Glaciers of Glacier National Park