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Finding Your Way Around the CE3 Curriculum

You will find several important resources under the "Curriculum Support Materials" section of this website.

We highly recommend that to begin by reading the Curriculum Overview. This document provides important background on the theoretical framework an conceptual design of the curriculum.

The Quick Reference Guide provides hints and instructions for some of the technical procedures you will use in Google Earth. You may want to print out this document and keep it handy during class time.

The References document provides scientific references and image credits included in the CE3 curriculum. These are broken down by Module. 

The Glossary is a link to the CE3 online glossary. This resources is also accessible through the "Glossary" link at the bottom of every placemark balloon in all CE3 kmz files.

The Google Earth Introductory Activity is designed to introduce students to some of the Google Earth tools and features they will be using. It is intended to take one class period to complete.

Within each Investigation of each Module:

The Teacher's Guide provides an overview, learning objectives instructional procedures, and answer key. the Teacher's Guides are password protected.

The Google Earth File is a *.kmz file that contains a sequence of folders and placemarks for the Investigation. After downloading the file and storing it on your computer, simply double-click on the file name and it will automatically launch in the Temporary Places panel of Google Earth. You should then save it to your My Places panel.

A print version of the Google Earth file is also available for those days when the computers just won't cooperate. However, be aware that this file does not include important overlays that can only be accessed within the Google Earth environment.

All of the videos and  animations used in the curriculum are also available for downloading or streaming. See the Curriculum Videos link under Curriculum Support Materials in the right hand panel of the website.

The Field Notebook is provided for students to record their observations and findings. Each student should be provided with a hard copy of this document.

A Field Notebook Grading Rubric is provided for teachers who wish to assess learning as it is expressed in the notebooks.

A Challenge Activity is also provided for learning assessment together with a Challenge Activity Answer Key. The Answer Keys are password protected.