How well do you know your place? Having a sense of place means far more than what makes a location special or unique; rather, it is an abiding connection to place so deep that it defines one's identity, how one thinks, and how one lives in a given landscape. The land and its seasonal round become the teacher, binding a people to a place, shaping habits of mind, and worldviews.

Featured Curriculum
Building Worldviews Curriculum
The focus of this curriculum is on building cross-cultural relationships between traditional Bitterroot Salish ~ Pend d'Oreille world...
Featured Tour
Flathead Indian Reservation Tour
Features you will see on this tour include the Mission Mountain Tribal Wilderness, National Bison Range, Flathead Lake, Kerr Dam, The...
Featured Narrative
Sense of Place Video
This two minute video examines what it means to know a place well. Image Credits: Archives & Special Collections, The Universit...
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